Geoje 거제 : Windy Hill 바람의 언덕

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

We weren’t left with much time for Windy Hill because our bus was leaving soon.

Therefore, just walked around and took some photos. There was a unique looking church there that caught my attention.

The Windy Hill is located at the port of Dojangpo Wharf.

It is a small fishing village and is the ferry terminal to Oedo Island.

At the bottom of windy hill is also a famous hot dog stand. We got two hotdogs and and a drink which came close to 5000 won each.

There are a set of stairs heading up to Windy Hill, which is famous for their windmill.

It was a location for the movies and variety show Eve’s Garden, Merry-go-round and 1 Night 2 days.

From above, on a good day, we can see Hakdong Village 🙂

We even saw a foreign couple take photos here 🙂
That was it .. time to…

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