Haeundae 해은대 : Dongbaekseom 동백섬

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

Dongbaeksoem is said to be an island but is actually connected to Haeundae and Haeundae Beach even.

The small area is home to APEC stadium and the rock bearing its current name, “Haeundae”.

Haeundae was named by Choi Chi Woo, a former government offcial and poet in the Silla Dynasty. While he headed to Mt. Gaya, he passed by here and admired its beauty.

This is located near the far end of the island, next to a lighthouse.

Dongbaeksoem is also home to Nurimaru APEC House (누리마루 APEC하우스) . In 2005, the Pacific countries meet for trade talks. Currently it is just an exhibition hall but the cafe at the bottom is still in use.

The rest of the island consists of trees and people can walk around it in nicely paved routes.

There is also a route heading upwards via a set of stairs.

At the top of the…

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