Sasang-gu 사상구 : Cherry Blossoms at Samnak Park 삼낙공원

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

It’s cherry blossoms season!

One of the most popular place in Busan is in Sasang-gu, near the Busan intercity bus terminal and the Gimhae Airport.

There is a sign that says this is their cherry blossom street ( even though it only happens once a year).

In all the other times, it is used by locals tp exercise via biking or walking/jogging.

You can take the metro to Gwaebeop Renecite Station and just walk a few blocks.

There are lots of peope here this weekend because it was cherry blossom season.

It is a long straight road for at least 10 blocks or more.

There were sooooo many couples, family, and friends.

Some people even had a picnic! It was all very romanic for them ….

Nearby is also another park called Samtek Eco Park.

There were many happy campers there and they flooded the park with the smell of…

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