Saha-gu 사구 : Morundae Cliff 몰운대

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

Metro line 1 was extended from Sinpyeong to Dadaepo Beach and was officially opened April 20th.

I got off at Dadaepo Harbour Station but the harbour is small and very industrial.

I walked towards a hilly end close to Dadaepo Beach, where there are many hiking paths.

Here, I can also find small secret beaches – sand and pebbles.

At night, they also use this place as a military training area. Therefore, certain places are closed after 6 pm (winter) and 10pm (summer).

It was a good hike… There were few good places with good views.

There is also an historical guesthouse that is Busan’s no. 3 cultural heritage. Government and important officials actually stayed here in Joseon Period. It probably looks a little bit different back then though.

… And that was it … Next stop Dadaepo Beach!

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