Saha-gu 사구 : Morundae Cliff 몰운대

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

Metro line 1 was extended from Sinpyeong to Dadaepo Beach and was officially opened April 20th.

I got off at Dadaepo Harbour Station but the harbour is small and very industrial.

I walked towards a hilly end close to Dadaepo Beach, where there are many hiking paths.

Here, I can also find small secret beaches – sand and pebbles.

At night, they also use this place as a military training area. Therefore, certain places are closed after 6 pm (winter) and 10pm (summer).

It was a good hike… There were few good places with good views.

There is also an historical guesthouse that is Busan’s no. 3 cultural heritage. Government and important officials actually stayed here in Joseon Period. It probably looks a little bit different back then though.

… And that was it … Next stop Dadaepo Beach!

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Sasang-gu 사상구 : Cherry Blossoms at Samnak Park 삼낙공원

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

It’s cherry blossoms season!

One of the most popular place in Busan is in Sasang-gu, near the Busan intercity bus terminal and the Gimhae Airport.

There is a sign that says this is their cherry blossom street ( even though it only happens once a year).

In all the other times, it is used by locals tp exercise via biking or walking/jogging.

You can take the metro to Gwaebeop Renecite Station and just walk a few blocks.

There are lots of peope here this weekend because it was cherry blossom season.

It is a long straight road for at least 10 blocks or more.

There were sooooo many couples, family, and friends.

Some people even had a picnic! It was all very romanic for them ….

Nearby is also another park called Samtek Eco Park.

There were many happy campers there and they flooded the park with the smell of…

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Haeundae 해은대 : Dongbaekseom 동백섬

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

Dongbaeksoem is said to be an island but is actually connected to Haeundae and Haeundae Beach even.

The small area is home to APEC stadium and the rock bearing its current name, “Haeundae”.

Haeundae was named by Choi Chi Woo, a former government offcial and poet in the Silla Dynasty. While he headed to Mt. Gaya, he passed by here and admired its beauty.

This is located near the far end of the island, next to a lighthouse.

Dongbaeksoem is also home to Nurimaru APEC House (누리마루 APEC하우스) . In 2005, the Pacific countries meet for trade talks. Currently it is just an exhibition hall but the cafe at the bottom is still in use.

The rest of the island consists of trees and people can walk around it in nicely paved routes.

There is also a route heading upwards via a set of stairs.

At the top of the…

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Geoje 거제 : Sinseondae Observatory (신선대 전망대)

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

From Hakdong Beach, we took bus 420 to Sinseondae and Windy Hill.

The former is a set of cliffs in odd rock formations.

It is called Shinseon, which means supernatural observatory.

The rocks are in different shapes and some even have different colors (it reminded me of taro actually).

From here, we took a boat to Oedo, a private island.

Addy : 경상남도 거제시 남부면 갈곶리 산 21-19

April 7

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Geoje 거제 : Windy Hill 바람의 언덕

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

We weren’t left with much time for Windy Hill because our bus was leaving soon.

Therefore, just walked around and took some photos. There was a unique looking church there that caught my attention.

The Windy Hill is located at the port of Dojangpo Wharf.

It is a small fishing village and is the ferry terminal to Oedo Island.

At the bottom of windy hill is also a famous hot dog stand. We got two hotdogs and and a drink which came close to 5000 won each.

There are a set of stairs heading up to Windy Hill, which is famous for their windmill.

It was a location for the movies and variety show Eve’s Garden, Merry-go-round and 1 Night 2 days.

From above, on a good day, we can see Hakdong Village 🙂

We even saw a foreign couple take photos here 🙂
That was it .. time to…

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92 일째 – Jungmun – Teddy Bear Museum (제주 테디베어뮤지엄)

Day 2 in Jeju … there were fewer rooms to clean than yesterday, which means more time to play! Unfortunately, the wind was too strong and even though I really wanted to do one of the Olle Trail (21 hiking routes that go around the island), I didn’t.  Instead, I went to the Teddy Bear Museum!


The Teddy Bear Museum is located in Jungmun, which is west of downtown Seogwipo.  It is known as Jungmun Resort area and it is crowded with all types of museums, guesthouses and a beach.  Therefore, almost every bus heading west of Seogwipo will make a stop here.IMG_20170302_161739882

The journey was about 30 minutes … and you’re there!



Admission is 10,000 won unless you have a coupon 🙂


There are three teddy bear museums in Korea: Jeju, Gyeongju, and Seoul.  I do think this is more famous of the three, however. It is quite big with two levels and a large outdoor garden.

The first thing I saw aside from the giant Charlie Chaplin teddy were .. paintings on the wall!


The first hall I entered was quite cute.  It consists of teddy bear timeline and how teddy bears evolved over the years. Some of the teddy bears were from the early 20th century!  They were usually made in Germany or United States (which was where the first company that created them were from).  They aren’t in the best shapes, but … they all outlived their first owners!!  I believe they are in this condition because they are loved and not because of neglect.  IMG_20170302_150959243

They also had a timeline of real events that happened in the 20th century, with teddy bears as the main characters … like the emergence of the Ford in the early 20th century.


The ill-fated 1912 Titanic.  It’s an ICEBERG!!!


The Normandy landing during the Second World War in 1945.


The opening of Disneyland in 1954!


Man lands on the moon in 1969!


The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.


The  discovery of the terra cotta in 1974.


.. and even the smart phone era in New York in the 21st century.


Aside from world events, there are also ‘important events’ that everyone cared about such as the marriage of Princess Diana!!!


….Then there is a masterpiece section, where Teddy bears becomes the main character in the paintings.


The famous Michelangelo painting is here too!


The fashion show that starts moving when they sense someone is there.


There were also the famous people but they were scattered everywhere .. like Elvis in the Elvis room, the Genghis Khan and Ghandi (famous leaders perhaps?), Michael Jackson Bruce Lee, and Marilyn Monroe were all found in the gift shop.

There are also some related to Korean culture (of course).  There was one for traditional Korean wedding, and the commoner’s life back in the Joseon Dynasty.  Finally, the popular drama “Goong” also had bears in their honors.

… I took so many photos I don’t know which section they are from.

There is also a large garden outside the museum and it houses a huge wooden teddy!!!


There is also a gift shop! I wish there were better teddy bear postcards, they were a little pixelated.  I did get a puzzle but the puzzle was tiny and difficult to piece together!


A teddy bear wedding with a gorgeous view … what a nice setting


There is also a special exhibition … it is in the bottom level.


The admission also includes a free Elvis show!  You have to go from the gift shop up to the third floor to see it.  It is 5 minutes long and the showing is about 15 minutes interval.


…. and that was my Teddy bear museum experience.

I almost uploaded 50 pictures before the phone crashed … I actually took more than that, lol…

91 일째 – Seogwipo … and then I ended up in Jeju …

Last night, I took the plane and then the airport limousine bus 600 (because it has storage for the suitcase whereas the normal bus does not but it does costs a little more (5500 won vs 3300 won for regular bus).  So, here I am .. in Seogwipo, Jeju … totally unplanned and unexpected 🙂

Actually, I was contemplating continuing my Korean class but I feel like they focused way too much on memorizing and passing the TOPIK, which isn’t my top priority … at all.  Most students want to study as an undergrad or graduate student in Korea but I don’t even want to open a book right now let alone write an entire thesis and present it in Korean … and so I found a volunteering job cleaning a guesthouse.  I was pretty sure my mom flipped when I text her .. keke…

Well ….. Seogwipo is the city in southern Jeju!  Before coming to Jeju, I only thought there was just Jeju city and everything else was small towns and villages …


Part of Olle 7

In any case, I was scheduled to start work on March 1st, but I woke up early and got to walk around first.  I bought Jeju milk!!!! It was 800 won at the 7-11 nearby.  It tastes … ok, a little bit creamy.


Also nearby is the Geolmae Ecological Park, where there is a nice trail and a waterfall (that I have yet to see because it is blocked off).


… then came work, which consists of making the beds and cleaning the room.  Honestly,  I barely do that in my own house and here I am cleaning others …

Since it was my first day and we had a lot of rooms to clean, the boss treated us to a meal 🙂  The other helper is a vegetarian, which, in Korea, leaves us with very little choices 😦  Therefore, we had a potato dumpling soup … It was quite tasty, actually 🙂

The other helper showed me a coffee shop that he frequents often!  It has a nice setting with a cozy atmosphere.  It was just a little too close to the workplace LOL 🙂

After enjoying the green tea latte, I had to leave for Homeplus because I realized I didn’t pack a few items 😦

…. then I just wandered … I wandered to the seaside to search for the Jeongbang Waterfall, but I missed the entrance.


Nearby was also a public hot spring, I think!  It was too cold and windy to have anyone in it … nor were there any water inside but I am sure it would be filled with people during the summer time 🙂

I walked around the port nearby Saeyeon-gyo Bridge, which is almost ubiquitous in all promotional posters for Seogwipo.


I got a little bit lost because the streets in Seogwipo isn’t like a grid, but then again, I don’t think coastal cities do since their roads are probably dictated by the coast 🙂  In any case, for dinner, I just ate at a random place, which also made me realized just how expensive Jeju was going to be compared with Gyeongsan.


9500 Won – soup + ade

I also wandered into the Olle Market but I didn’t stay that long 😛


First impression of Seogwipo and Jeju  … It is a little colder and windier than I expected.  I am really glad I brought with me my trusted autumn jacket with hat :).  The prices are a bit cheaper and there aren’t a lot of tourists as I thought it would be … It seems like any other city, expect it has a nice seaside.

March 1st, 2017

… I’m out of room here so you can visit the Jeju section under: 🙂

90 일째 – Daegu 대구 – Daegu Int’l Airport 대구공항공사

OK, this is definitely my last day in Daegu! I moved my stuff to my friend’s friends place and shipped some random items back home to my mom whom I am sure will not be happy.


walking down the farmland

I got the cheapest ticket out of Daegu to Jeju City via Jeju Air but it leaves in the evening at 730 PM.  Therefore, I had a lot of time to do random things … like enjoy a cup of coffee and working on my blog :).


Today was actually the university’s first day back from a very long two months holiday.  That means there are many new students!!! The freshmen have their little name tags and they walk in a straight line … it’s very cute. Some students even have parents come with them to help move the suitcases (I think they must be from rural area …).


After coffee came lunch!  I had lunch with my ohakdang friends one last time.  It is at the 3900 won bibimbap or tonkatsu place near the school.


… then came the difficult part, going to the airport.  My plan was to take the bus straight to the airport.  Simple right? not when you have 25 kg worth of stuff and most of the drivers in Daegu drives like a maniac.  There isn’t even an area to put your luggage 😦 So … I took a taxi, which cost around 17000 and only slightly less expensive than my flight to Jeju (18900 won one way).


Since I took a taxi, I also had a lot of time to waste because I came here much earlier than planned 😦


I waited for a bit and finally got to check in!  There seriously isn’t much to do in Daegu airport but it is very very close to the city.


waiting to check in 

Here in the boarding pass and my window seat 🙂


… I am going to Jeju!!!!!!! check out the new blog:

February 28th, 2017.

89 일째 – Daegu 대구 – Ayang Railway Bridge 아양철교

Last day in Daegu!  Flying out on day 90!  I really wanted to go to to the railway bridge in Daegu but I’ve been putting it off so I made that my priority today.

Ok, priority one was food and I went to eat food with my roommate (second and last time LOL).  It is chicken with cheese … so delicious!


Second priority was packing …


Finally, at night, I was able to leave for Ayang.  I went to buy a new backpack at Dongseongro even though my old backpack was perfectly fine 🙂  At the underground shopping there, you can get all types of bags for just 10 000 won 🙂

With new bag in hand, I went to take the red metro line to Ayang Station.  After getting off, it was just a short 10 minutes walk to the bridge.


Originally, the bridge connected Dong-gu Sinam-dong and Dongchon-dong by train but since the train line shut down, it was left just sitting in the middle of Geumho River.


However, revitalization was made and it now houses 2 cafe shops, a museum, meditation center, as well as an observatory.  I couldn’t find a washroom though …


I wanted to find food first so I went across the bridge where there were many restaurants all lined up.


I went to this one, which is translated into DongHae restaurant.  It sells many shared plates like sashimi and meat but being alone, I can only get individual items … like noodles. (I do miss Daegu prices…. ).


There are wooden boards that cover the bridge but part of it is covered in glass so you can see the railway (and the waters!) below.


I had a coffee and enjoyed the view.  The place opens from 10 AM to midnight 🙂


Last Attraction in Daegu! Completed!

Address of Ayang-gyo Station : 1584 Sinam-dong, Dong-gu, Daegu, South Korea

88 일째 – Cheongdo 청도 – Unmunsa Temple (운문사)

Day 88!!!!! I made it … or did I … or is this really my last day?  On my supposedly last day in Korea, I went to Cheongdo to meet up with a friend.  She lives in Yangsan and I lived in Gyeongsan, so naturally, we met at the halfway point, which was Cheongdo.


Unmunsa Temple

Cheongdo is as small as Hapcheon (probably) and is made up of a lot of smaller town and villages.  It is most famous for a bull fighting contest in May where bulls are pitted against one another and I heard it gets pretty violent … However, my friend and I are here for a much peaceful retreat – a visit to the Unmunsa Temple.



First thing first, I had to get from Gyeongsan to Cheongdo and luckily, there is a train that goes straight there in 15 minutes.  The difficult part is just catching the train, but even that wasn’t too difficult as there is almost one train every 15 minutes.

Arriving at the Cheongdo Station, there are already some interesting items on display 🙂


The Cheongdo Station …


Cheongdo Train Station

Outside of the station are a lot of restaurants but they all sell the same thing – Chueotang 秋魚湯. It is loach fish and my friend doesn’t like eating it because of its texture.


Therefore, we went and ate kimbap.  This place is special because you can do take out kimbap!  It was quite tasty but also very, very spicy 😦


We actually ate the kimbap at the bus station because the bus was scheduled to leave soon.  The bus terminal is quite interesting in itself … the place was dark with only a souvenir store.  The man selling the bus ticket was probably in his 70s and he doesn’t have a very good hearing.  Sometimes, he would walk off and the station becomes unmanned.  This older lady had barged in and kept banging on the window but got the attention of no one 😛


It turns out that we can actually use my t-money card to pay and we could have even saved 100 won!


Unmunsa Temple 

The place was literally in the middle between Gyeongsan, Ulsan, Gyeongju, and Cheongdo.  It took almost an hour because the roads are hilly and they have to go to almost every town and village along the way.  It was interesting … actually seeing really rural areas in Korea.


Unmunsa Town

I was expected to be dropped off in some random place in the middle of nowhere but this place turned out to be quite vibrant with many, many restaurants in the area. There were many people in hiking attire, all in all, it turned out to be quite a popular spot!


There is a 2000 won admission fee to enter and a 10-minute walk from the entrance.


The temple was built in 560AD but was destroyed during the Japanese invasion of Korea in the 16th century.


Currently, the temple is the largest nunnery in Korea.  Therefore, some of the areas are restricted for tourists.


After, we made our walk back down to town to get some coffee and back to the bus stop 🙂  As mentioned before, since my friend cannot eat the loach soup, we ate Lotteria.

By the way, I was reading this travel book at the cafe and it was quite interesting!