Geoje 거제 : Sinseondae Observatory (신선대 전망대)

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

From Hakdong Beach, we took bus 420 to Sinseondae and Windy Hill.

The former is a set of cliffs in odd rock formations.

It is called Shinseon, which means supernatural observatory.

The rocks are in different shapes and some even have different colors (it reminded me of taro actually).

From here, we took a boat to Oedo, a private island.

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April 7

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Geoje 거제 : Windy Hill 바람의 언덕

Miga Travel blog : Busan / Jangsu Edition

We weren’t left with much time for Windy Hill because our bus was leaving soon.

Therefore, just walked around and took some photos. There was a unique looking church there that caught my attention.

The Windy Hill is located at the port of Dojangpo Wharf.

It is a small fishing village and is the ferry terminal to Oedo Island.

At the bottom of windy hill is also a famous hot dog stand. We got two hotdogs and and a drink which came close to 5000 won each.

There are a set of stairs heading up to Windy Hill, which is famous for their windmill.

It was a location for the movies and variety show Eve’s Garden, Merry-go-round and 1 Night 2 days.

From above, on a good day, we can see Hakdong Village 🙂

We even saw a foreign couple take photos here 🙂
That was it .. time to…

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