90 일째 – Daegu 대구 – Daegu Int’l Airport 대구공항공사

OK, this is definitely my last day in Daegu! I moved my stuff to my friend’s friends place and shipped some random items back home to my mom whom I am sure will not be happy.


walking down the farmland

I got the cheapest ticket out of Daegu to Jeju City via Jeju Air but it leaves in the evening at 730 PM.  Therefore, I had a lot of time to do random things … like enjoy a cup of coffee and working on my blog :).


Today was actually the university’s first day back from a very long two months holiday.  That means there are many new students!!! The freshmen have their little name tags and they walk in a straight line … it’s very cute. Some students even have parents come with them to help move the suitcases (I think they must be from rural area …).


After coffee came lunch!  I had lunch with my ohakdang friends one last time.  It is at the 3900 won bibimbap or tonkatsu place near the school.


… then came the difficult part, going to the airport.  My plan was to take the bus straight to the airport.  Simple right? not when you have 25 kg worth of stuff and most of the drivers in Daegu drives like a maniac.  There isn’t even an area to put your luggage 😦 So … I took a taxi, which cost around 17000 and only slightly less expensive than my flight to Jeju (18900 won one way).


Since I took a taxi, I also had a lot of time to waste because I came here much earlier than planned 😦


I waited for a bit and finally got to check in!  There seriously isn’t much to do in Daegu airport but it is very very close to the city.


waiting to check in 

Here in the boarding pass and my window seat 🙂


… I am going to Jeju!!!!!!! check out the new blog: migainjeju.wordpress.com

February 28th, 2017.


85 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Hayang (하양)

The second half of the day consists of me going to the town of Hayang.  It is a fairly big town outside of Gyeongsan neighbourhood and is famous for being the home of three universities – Daegu University, Daegu Catholic University, and Kyungil University.  I don’t think they have any historical sites nearby though because google didn’t seem to indicate that.



Hayang’s downtown

The town has a train station (that doesn’t go to Gyeongsan but most likely to Daegu).  It also has a traditional market and a downtown that is about 8 blocks long.


Since there are so many schools in the area, it is no surprise that the town is filled with people in their 20s, which is quite rare these days.

Anyways, the main point was this: FOOD!  I went to a place called 다참, where it served noodles!


After I went to Beigel Caffee!  There are many coffee shops in Hayang but this was most appealing since others were chained franchises.  I didn’t know at the time but it turns out that this was also a chained franchaise.

In any case, the bagel has various favors, this one was the Saam leaf and inside was strawberry yogurt and something ice cream.  It was delicious and not that expensive.


… the wind them suddenly picked up so I got back on the same bus 801 from Palgongsan and went straight to Yeungnam University for my cocktail class.  After cocktail class, I went drinking with the Korean classmates!  They can all really drink and they have rather interesting games.  I didn’t take any photos but I think it was the most interesting highlight of the day.  I still owe someone money from that time (not much just 5000 I think) but I am long gone now ..muhahhahahaha

Tying back to Hayang, one of the girls goes to the school in Hayang but the last bus left at 10:30 PM.  Since no one was going her way, she took a taxi by herself from Gyeongsan to Hayang, resulting in a bill of a whopping 25,000 won.



83 일째 – Gyeongsan – Jain Gyejeong Forest 자인계정

On this Tuesday, I decided to explore around Gyeongsan.  I actually lived at the edge of Gyeongsan, closer to Daegu but there are lots of towns and villages east of there all the way towards Gyeongju.


When I first got to Gyeongsan, I had saw a sign that said Jain Recreational Forest 7 KM ahead.  Therefore, in my head, it saw green trees and dense forests and birds chirping.

I got on the 399 bus and that took me to Jain, 30 minutes later.  Before entering the forest, there are a lot of stones that lined up along the path.  Apparently, these are stones of gratitude towards the departing governors of the region.  I didn’t know this until much later so I did not take any photos.  The entrance is here!


It is probably covered with nice leaves lining up the entrance on a spring or summer day … The entrance leads to the tomb of General Han 한장군.  He is known for defeating the Japanese pirates that have constantly plagued Jain during the Joseon Dynasty.


Jain is also famous for the Dano Festival, which is celebrated during the beginning of summer.  Part of the festival consists of a play that retells the story of General Han and how he defeated the Japanese.

A little further is the forest …


Unfortunately, since it was the middle of winter, it was a pretty bare sight.


There are also some old Korean games.



Jain also has a Confucius academy in the town center but it was closed.  The town of Jain is also quite small, it is a myeon, which means it is smaller than a town but bigger than a village.  I tried finding food but they were either closed or full.  The only restaurant I went to had all their tables reserved and I was kicked out.  Therefore,  I just took the first bus out of Jain back to Daegu.


February 21, 2017

79 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Staying in town

It is Friday and the weather was great but I didn’t go anywhere 😦  I met up with a friend for lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Gyeongsan.  You can apparently pick the ingredients you want and how much you want from baskets and then you pay base on how much it weights and if you want meat.  It was fairly spicy even though I asked for mild spicy.  It was also very expensive, 7000 won!


After lunch, I was planning to meet up with another friend but I had a lot of time before that so I walked around Yeungnam University!  Apparently, there is a forest in the back of the Yeungnam Museum… I wonder if this was the Lover’s lane in Yeungnam.  It is the best place to see cherry blossoms!


I also wanted to see the Yeungnam University but during vacation, it is only opened on Thursdays 😦  So… there are just some relics outside the museum. img_20170217_153458776

After meeting up with the friend, we just played board games and then went to language exchange.  My friend is an excellent cook! I haven’t had home cooked meal in three months …


February 17, 2017

74/75/76/77 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Final Test 기말시험

The end of studying is almost here!

February 12, 2017. Sunday.  

Terribleness!  I went to Homeplus for lunch, there was a restaurant at the food court that has the best side dishes (banchan).  It included Japchae, Pajeon, dumplings, and guksu (noodles).  After, I spent 6 hours at a coffee shop trying to review everything I learned in 5 weeks … and again after dinner.  Dinner was BBQ beef!  Samgyupsal.

February 13, 2017.  Monday. 

Just one day before the finals.  I had coffee in the morning, then my last Korean class! After dinner, I had only fast food and then went back to the same coffee shop as yesterday, (Cafe Arte in Gyeongsan) to have the same delicious strawberry latte.


February 14, 2017. Tuesday.

No Valentines Day for me!  I had to write an exam.  The exam was ok, I completely forgot the writing section, which composed of an essay that I had to memorize, so I made something up on the spot.  When the exam was over, weight was lifted from my shoulders 🙂 … For dinner, we had BBQ beef with the classmate – samgupsal again.  Along with the drinks and the many dishes of meat we ordered, it came to 150,000 won!  Unheard of!  We treated our teacher too, so it came to 18,000 won per person.

One of our classmates was 42 years old and…. he’s a father of two.  YET! He actually brought a 50% jug of alcohol to the restaurant and claims he does this all the time in China.  It was a little bit too embarrassing but I was told not to judge.


February 15, 2017.  Wednesday.  

Final Korean class this semester and possibly FOREVER!  I somehow survived 10 weeks and I am not sure if I learned anything because I still can’t understand Koreans and became nervous and more self-conscious when I talk than before because I realize just how weak my Korean is …

We went to the graduation ceremony, ate a free lunchbox, and then proceeded with our last test – the speaking.  I didn’t do so well because I just can’t talk.  Most of the Chinese classmates were leaving on THE day of the final.  We didn’t have a final goodbye, they just left like it was any other day.  The hallway was empty and we were on our way out the doors too.  I had coffee with my classmate, who is also taking his final Korean class at Yeungnam Uni.  For dinner, I had another BBQ pork meal – Samgypsa again, in the same restaurant as last night too!

I went walking around the lake and ate a cake to celebrate.

… and that concludes my Korean classes in Korea!

Sigh … I don’t know.  I like to think my Korean has improved but I don’t think so … I was able to extend another week for my dormitory rental so I can start visiting the Dague travel sites 🙂

68/69/70/71/72 일째 – Gyeongsan & Daegu Misadventures

February 6, 2017 – Day 68 – Daegu

It is the start of another week!! I also signed up for a Barista Class with SangSang University, which is supported by KT&T, the tobacco company.  In Korea, there are many cheap classes brought to you by large corporeations such as Homeplus, YMCA etc …


The class was all the way across town (about an hour away by bus) and … OMG, I think I am too confident in my abilities because I don’t understand a single word the teacher was saying at all!!! I don’t think I can cut it as a barista. Now, every Monday I will feel very nervous and insecure.


February 7th, 2017 – Day 69 – Gyongsan

I told one of the people working with Sangsang that I can’t go to this cocktail class on Tuesday because it is too difficult and too far.  Instead, I stayed behind and ate at the 3900 won restaurant across the street from Yeungnam 🙂


February 8, 2017 – Day 70 – Daegu 

Despite having a quiz on Friday, our class was super chill!  It was actually fun!  We learned about Gyeongju’s attractions and then made paper origami!



After class, my friend and I went to Daegu!  On the metro, we found a place called Tokyo Dining, which is a Japanese restaurant!  It was in a small alley and it took a while to find.  However, we were shocked to find so many people inside … we actually had to wait for seats.  We ordered a salad and tonkatsu.  Both my friend and I liked the salad more … I think we really miss the vegetables.


We accidentally met up with my friend’s friend!  She works here as a waitress and her Korean is perfect!  She already graduated from Yeungnam language institute with a level 6.



More shopping ensues and in the end, we just rested at a coffee shop called T class.  The coffee was a little bit expensive, in fact, the price of one drink was similar to the cake … However, the atmosphere was really nice and I got to finish my presentation for Friday.



February 9, 2017 – Day 71 – Gyeongsan

So I changed the date and did the cocktail class on Thursday instead!  I don’t think it was a good idea… Korean hs not improved in two days … I was so nervous about the class that I didn’t take any photos … just the food I ate before class.  I didn’t have the name written down fo the nth time.  However, it was next to the D3 Cafe shop and the restaurant is almost an one-man show.  He takes your order, make the food and takes the money after.  The restaurant has a nice western feel to it too.


February 10, 2017 – Day 72 – Daegu Suseongmot

I was going to meet with a caligraphy classmate but I can’t write Korean so I said let’s meet another day inside of a little later.  In any case, my friend and I (yes, I brought a friend!) went to eat at a very cheap place in Beomeo Station!  It only costs 5000 won for an entire set (kimbap and Tteokbokk) !  It is a Kimbap place place just across fom Hanssim.


… then we went to Suseongmot to somehow the Korean person I meet somehow got my message and came by to Suseongmot. We settled at Angel-in-us and just talked … it was cold and windy but we made an appointment to go to Palgonsan together the next day!


…. and that was the entire week!!! Last week of school¬

62/ 63/ 64 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Studying Day

January 31, 2017

Back at school again … The usual schedule of class, dinner, and coffee shop.  Dinner was at ‘oh ma’ again.  This time, I tried jap chae and rice.  It had too much carbs.


For coffee, I went to Sinmae Station to explore the place and have coffee.  At Sinmae, I went to a eMart and there was also a Uniqlo in the middle of officetels.

I found a coffee shop called Roasting Robo at Sawol Station.  It had a nice ambiance as well as wifi and magazines.


… finally the road back to my dormitories.  Last day of January, and one more month in Gyeongsan 🙂


February 1, 2017

We got to try a new place today!  It is right by exit 5 of Yeungnam Station inside a small alleyway.  Everything inside the store was 3900 won, including all you can pick veges for the bibimbap.


After dinner, I went and grabbed a green tea latte


February 2, 2017.

I am back at Oh Ma for the second time in three days. This time I ordered a cold noodles.  After, I went off on my own to study at Cafe Arte 🙂

… and that was three days of semi-studying!


54/55/56/57 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Staying in Town part 2

… and suddenly, I am all caught up on my blog!  There was a quiz this week, so I stayed in town and studied 🙂

Monday.  January 23, 2017.  Seafood fried rice for dinner.  I had to prepare for my presentation and quiz the next day.


Tuesday.  January 24, 2017.  Quiz day.  I had a terrible presentation … after the presentation was my last calligraphy class!!! We made cards and then put it in a picture frame.  The bottom one is mine.  5 weeks sure went by really quickly.  I was able to write much better than before … I think.


Wednesday.  January 25, 2016.  After the quiz, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders!  I went for my morning jog and realized the reservoir behind the dormitory is frozen!


It was also the last Wednesday of the month, which means there is a discount at the movies!!! It was 5000 won only!  I went to watch the King … that was a very difficult movie to understand …


Thursday.  January 2, 2017.  I went for a morning run and saw a cat!  It was waiting for something …


My friend’s friends also came to Gyeongsan to visit.  We had coffee and a honey baguette at my favorite Cafe Brownie.


Unfortunately, the food wasn’t enough and we had ramen afterwards.  The owner of the ramen shop ran the 2015 Bostom Marathon among other marathons.  Therefore, he named his store the Medalion, after the many medals he has received from the marathons.


… and then it was day 58!!!!

47/48/49 일째 – Gyeongsan 경산 – Staying in town

After a fun weekend, I spent three days in Gyeongsan.  I can’t even remember what I did on Monday … probably fast food and coffee.

Day 48 was similar, except I had calligraphy class 🙂  We tried a Chinese-Korean food place.  Shockingly, it is actually opened by Chinese people


Day 49 – After class, we went and ate a corn dog surrounded by bits and pieces of ramen.  I also had an ice cream waffle after.



… and that is how three days went by …


42일째- Gyeongsan 慶山 – Tombs of Apdokguk

Korea is so small that history is everywhere.

I was coming out of the subway station when I saw a sign saying there are ancient tombs in the area.  Today, I finally went to go check it out with my handy google map.

I walked through most of the commercial district in front of the school before finally finding this place.

It is actually surrounded by residential buildings!  It is good that the tombs are built so high, otherwise it might have been developed and lost.


The other side are farms lands and highways.


The tombs belongs to the Apdokguk’s (압독국, 押督國) ruling class.  In ancient Korea where there were still small kingdoms scattered throughout the land, the Apdokguk were the rulers here.  There isn’t much recorded of them aside from the fact that the people here surrendered to the more power Silla.  Later, the people revolted against them and was suppressed.  The people here then moved southwards and this is the only thing left of Apdokguk’s legacy.


Yeungnam University had started doing some excavations here during the 80s.  I think it is still ongoing.


In the meantime, regular people can walk around the tombs as morning exercise.


I am not sure where the excavated relics are at the moment … but some of the pictures of relics are here.



After the visit, I walked the wrong way but found a stray cat standing outside a pet store ….


Not too far away are also another set of tombs but these ones are closed to the public because they are being excavated.


I had dinner at my favorite restaurant again – the family restaurant just outside of the school .. and then more green tea latte.


Day 41 was missed because I only did this:


Jaunary 11, 2016